Workshops, Seminars and User guides

User ece72b21c8

02-09-2011 08:12:25


Could you tell me if there will be still something like a workshop or seminar for Instant JChem in Europe (mybe even in Germany)?

Second question, do you have another manuels or user guides additionally to the normal user guid that you have attached to instant JChem? Sometimes I'd like to have more Information or even exercise tasks.

ThankĀ  you


ChemAxon fa971619eb

02-09-2011 09:05:43

We do training workshops at the user group meetings (usually May in Europe and September in USA) but these are fairly basic and not too detailed. We don't currently have plans in the short term for anything other than this.

We can arrange custom training sessions, either on site or on-line, though there would be a charge for these. Please contact us if this is of interest.