IJC JWS slow to find user folder

User e05b1833aa

23-08-2011 18:51:06

Hi Tim,

I sometimes get the follwoing warning when browsing for database folders:

Dialog seems to be slow, probably because of JDK bug. Please try to upgrade JDK, remove ZIP files from Desktop folder, or try to run system with -J-Dnb.FileChooser.useShellFolder=False property

Where do I add the -J-Dnb.FileChooser.useShellFolder=False property?


ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

24-08-2011 20:49:03

The -J-Dnb.FileChooser.useShellFolder=False property can be added to master.jnlp file:


<application-desc main-class="com.im.ijc.jnlpinstaller.Main">



You can also to add it to default_options variable in ${ijc.installation}/etc/instantjchem.conf file.

User e05b1833aa

29-08-2011 18:13:14


Where is the master.jnlp file located on Windows 7? I can't find it anywhere.


ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

29-08-2011 22:28:27

The master.jnlp file is on server with IJC JWS distribution. If you use shared projects and jws deployed to java application server the master.jnlp file should be in ${HOME}/.instantjchem/jws

 folder. For details look at


If you use jws deployed to webserver with static html pages (e.g. Apache) the master.jnlp is is in folder with jws distribution on server. For details look at