How to connect to database

User f9f5dff197

10-08-2011 11:39:45

I am trying to connect to SYMYX database or Jchem database for chemical structure searching and retrieval. What changes should be made in the program files to connect to database for compound retrieval.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

10-08-2011 16:35:07

Its not entirely clear what you are wanting here.

IJC can connect to any MySQL or Oracle database. However, wothout any specific chemsitry "engine" you would not be able to do any strucutre search.

When you mention "Symyx" database I suppose you mean a database with the Symyx (aka MDL, now Accelrys) cartridge. If so then non-ChemAxon cartridges are not currently supported by IJC, so you would not be able to use this.

Instead you could use the JChem cartridge. This could be used alongside the Symyx cartridge, or instead of it.

Alternantively you can use the JChemBase engine that is in IJC and this would not need any cartridge to be present on Oracle. But to do this you need to create a custom structure table using IJC (or other ChemAxon product) and would need to reload your structures into this table. If you are using MySQL this is the only option.

Information on how to connect to a database is found here: />