__ijc_version property in JWS configurations

ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-08-2011 15:11:28

A user asked:

I don't understand the purpose of the __ijc_version property in the info.properties file that is part fo the Java Web Start configuration.

The key thing is the __ijc_version property in the info.properties file.

This gives a name to your JWS configuration and allows it to be kept
separate from other JWS configurations. This allows you to run multiple
versions side by side without conflict.

The value of the __ijc_version property is what keeps the versions
separate. For instance on chemaxon.com we have 2 versions, the stable
one that users access plus a development version that can be used for
testing. These have values of




You might also have your own version, so you might want to have a property like this:


You can choose whatever name you like (within limits!). Just make sure it is going to be unique.

The default is the version number of IJC, e.g.


which is not very useful as it will not be unique if it isn't changed.

So you are recommended to change this.

When upgrading (e.g. from 5.5.0 to 5.5.1) you would typically keep the
same value for the __ijc_version property. The new configuration will
replace the existing one as it has the same name. If however you had not
edited the value of theĀ  __ijc_version property then you would instead
have two configurations named 5.5.0 and 5.5.1, which is not what you
would want.

The purpose of the obsolete_versions property is to clean up any old
versions. It you followed these guidelines then you won't have any of
these. But if you do then you can specify the configuration name (or
names as a commas separated string) in the obsolete_versions property
property. These versions will then be deleted.