All tables needed updating in new update

User 58ed31274d

25-07-2011 16:21:03


Instant JChem updated over the weekend as you posted.  I was surprised that all of my databases required the tables to be updated.  They had done so previously for 5.5.0 so didn't expect that.  Took 8-10 hours for 30-40 GB of databases with 3.2 GHz processor running at close to 100% - ie both cores and threads flat out. 

Your post today suggests that this shouldn't have happened but wasn't given any choice.  Without updating I had message saying schema had broken.


Any thoughts ?



ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-07-2011 16:28:56

Hi Steve,

The updating is in fact correct. Table regeneration will happen when you update to 5.5.1.

The information that was initially in the release notes was incorrect. It has now been updated.

Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience.


User 58ed31274d

25-07-2011 17:02:56

Thanks Tim


All is working fine having updated everything.  I do appreciate the stability of Instant
JChem - remarkably I've not yet managed to crash it !


Thanks again