Print Function in Instant JChem

User a4960ab6cd

29-06-2011 01:36:44


I have been working with InstantJChem 5.5 and noticed that printing of stuctures from the forms view does not seem to be working properly.  The heteroatoms are showing up as carbons and the fields are all out place and overlapping.  Is there a fix for this problem?  Thanks.

Benjamin E Blass


User 791c148e8a

29-06-2011 07:11:47


we're aware of problem with misplaced fields and future 5.6 version will bring a fix for this (and many other printing related) problems. BTW: the second attempt to print a form usually puts all fields into correct positions.

As for structure pritning I am not sure if I understand correctly what's happening there. Can you create a screenshot with the structure and print the same structure into a PDF to show us the difference? Send it to me directly ([email protected]) or attach it here.


Radim Kubacki

ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

29-06-2011 08:35:00

Hi, thanks for reporting this issue. We are able to reproduce this problem. We will fix it in next major release (IJC 5.6).