Import of v2.0 databases recommended or working?

User 677b9c22ff

24-06-2011 00:47:25


I have a bunch of old projects from the v2.0 era (2008), I actually tried to convert them, and it started but then failed with a bunch of errors I dont want to post here, when I checked the directory I saw that parts of the files were from 2008 and parts had a new 2011 data, subsequently all other Instant-JChem versions failed to open the file, so I guess it not only touched them but realy read/wrote somthing. Not a big deal I have shadow-copies, but is it really recommended to use that converter at all or what is the earliest version it actually works? I remember export to SDF was recommended during the alpha and beta tests and Derby to Apache DB changes.



ChemAxon e189db4705

24-06-2011 12:47:47

Hi Tobias,

current Instant JChem version is able to open projects created in IJC 2.2 or later.

If you still have projects created in IJC 2.1 or older then you can still import it into latest IJC, but there will be one more step. You will need to do this:

I hope this helps. Let us know if you see any problems there. Export and import through sdf is an option as well of course.



User 677b9c22ff

24-06-2011 17:45:01

Thanks Petr!