Decimal places

User e05b1833aa

15-06-2011 09:14:13


I noticed a difference in behaviour between local Derby databases and mySQL when it comes to the number of decimal places of calculated exact masses. I'm using the exactMass() Chemical term, and use exactly the sameĀ  widget settings, and specify 4 decimal places. For a compound with formula C13H14N2O I get an exact mass of 214.1106 in local Derby (which is correct), but 214.1110 in mySQL ( thus, rounded off upwards). Is this a my SQL problem or an IJC bug?

ChemAxon e189db4705

15-06-2011 10:07:35

Hi Evert,

this is a problem of the database column definition. I can see the same behavior when creating 'exactMass' CT field in Mysql and Derby with default column definitions. Actually I see the exact value 214.11061 (Updated: this is because I used unformatted format).

When creating this CT field in Mysql it's necessary to change type to "Decimal number" and also column type - I tested DECIMAL(32,6) and can confirm it gives the same correct value as Derby column.


User e05b1833aa

15-06-2011 10:34:39

Thanks, this worsk for me too.