Search List Boxes in InstantJChem 5.5?

User a681a7b90d

09-06-2011 18:52:52

I'm trying to get comfortable with InstantJChem, and have imported the sample wombat 2004 dataset from sunset molecular to use as a test case.   Right now, I am playing with the form creating tools.  I'm trying to create a search form that will let me retrieve compounds with a user-specified substructure that also have been assayed against a given target.  I know that I could put in a text box and search the TARGET.NAME field for text similar to my desired target, but I'd like to limit the query to targets that already exist in the database.  Is there a way to create a pull-down search list/radio-button list search box?  I tried to use the list tool, but this apparently requires explicit lists to be set up in advance.  Could anyone give me a hand and tell me if I am missing something obvious?



ChemAxon 99d87cf303

09-06-2011 19:38:26

Hi Andy. You might use Query Builder like this:

  1. open Query Builder (Menu -> Windows -> Query Builder)

  2. right-click Query Builder window -> Add Field -> Structure (specify/draw your structure)

  3. right-click created 'AND' operator and choose 'Add Detail Field' from popup menu (set your TARGET.NAME)

  4. run the query

You might save such queries for running them later again.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-06-2011 19:49:41

This is possible when using the query builder (, but not yet in form based query.

In query builder it is done using the 'discrete set of values' feature, which is described here: