Import biological data into Instant JChem

User d820a1e51b

18-05-2011 14:07:26

Is it possible to import biological data into Instant JChem from excel - e.g. IC50 values and graphs, and associate them with the relevant compound. If so how?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

18-05-2011 14:23:58

Importing the IC50 data should be straight forward. The best approach is probalby to export it as a CSV file and then import that file into IJC using the file import functionality: />

The IC50 curves will be more difficult. IJC can handle them in a number of ways:

1. store in the database as graphics file (e.g .png file). But you need to import each one manually, or create a bulk loader

2. store as files on a file server or web server, and then link to them using a URL field.

In both cases the biggest problem is probably extracting the images out from Excel and assigning the correct identiers (e.g. file names) to them.