Validating URL

User 99b1bdd34f

06-04-2011 14:40:21

Dear IJC team,

we had a fresh IJC 5.3.1 install on a new windows7 computer.

Now we want to use a shared project which is deployed via a webserver.

This is working fine for 2 years now on other installation.

On this new computer IJC struggles to validate the URL, although I know that this URL is fine.

We already shutdown the Windows7 Firewall but this did not help.

Installation of a new license file did not solve the problem either.


Could you please help?


All the best,


ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

07-04-2011 05:06:40

I don't have any idea what's wrong. You can try to do:

1)Check your proxy settings in tools options

2)  Open URL via Tools-> Open URL

3) Put the url to web browser

Can you look to instantjchem.log file it's available via View->Instant Jchem Log FIle from main menu of IJC?

User 99b1bdd34f

07-04-2011 07:22:45

Dear IJC team,


many thanks for the hint.

I selected the option " no proxy" within IJC and everything went fine!

Nothing to do with windows7.


All the best,