User 8fbca62edf

25-03-2011 09:23:00

Please, i need some information about managing the included Data Base Management System (DBMS) Derby included in Instant JChem.

Also how to create files with the extensions:

1) .sdf

2) .rdf

3) .smiles

4) .mrv

ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-03-2011 10:08:55


Its not really clear what you are wanting to do.

Do you have data in Instnat JChem that you wnat to export to files of those formats? If so then this page from the user guide describes how to export data to a file:


If not them can you explain what you are wanting to do.


User 8fbca62edf

25-03-2011 11:20:33

Thanks tdudgeon for answering me, but please i would like to know more about implementing a new java code reaction in the software Instant JChem -5_4_1.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-03-2011 18:43:42

I'm afraid its still not at all clear what you are wanting to do. If you could provide a more detailed description then we can try to help.

If you are wanting information on extending Instant JChem with Java code then this is the best starting point: