Structures lost after Instant JChem Update to version 5.4.1.

User 40fe9b3632

09-03-2011 15:20:00


I have just updated my Instant JChem software. I am running on Windows, using a MySql database on a Linux server.

The update seemed to work smoothly. 4 of my structure tables were regenerated. However, upon further inspection I have lost a quite a few of the compound structures. The fields are just empty in both the Grid and Form view.

Is this a known problem? Do I have to enter the structures again manually or alternatively role back to version 5.3.8?

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ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-03-2011 16:40:07

You should not loose any structures. The original is stored in the cd_structure column in the database and will not be changed by any upgrade. Please check in the database that these are still present.

What might have happened is that some change in the new version has casued the structures not to be displayed. I'm not sure why this could have happened. If you could dentify some examples then we can look at them. Also, please look in the log file to see if there are any errors reported that could be related to the strucutres not appearing.