Trouble updating to IJC 5.4.1

User 7400aef9ce

02-03-2011 15:33:49

I am getting an error on attempting to update to 5.4.1 (from 5.3.8).  Setup says:

Cannot continue process since Input Error: Can not find script file "C:\Program Files\ChemAxon\InstantJChem\modules\ext\CheckMarvinRun.vbs".

It appears that this file is in:

C:\Program Fiels\ChemAxon\CheckMarvinRun.vbs

I am working around this on my machine by changing the install path to:

C:\Program Files\ChemAxon\InstantJChem5.4\


This appears to have worked.  Is this what I should do for the rest of our installed users?





ChemAxon 49d153c1b2

02-03-2011 22:08:54

Hi Brian,

thank you very much for your report. Actually, it's a bug in our uninstaller. We're tracking this and will try to fix this in upcoming IJC version.

Workaround for this issue is to delete whole "InstantJChem" folder from "Program Files" after uninstallation of 5.3.x and before running 5.4.x installer.

ChemAxon 49d153c1b2

25-05-2011 20:21:27

This has been already fixed and should not happen anymore. Thank you very much for your report Brian.