Communication Exception

User e05b1833aa

25-02-2011 09:54:58


I have a problem connecting to the mySQL database server from a Linux workstation. IJC version is 5.4.1. This works without a problem from another workstation and also from Windows client, all in the same domain. The database server can be reached from the workstation in question (ping). I'm attaching a screen dump with the error message, which I have not seen before.

Please advice.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-02-2011 12:00:49

This would seem to suggest that there is something different with the network setup of that machine. If it was a Windows machine I would suggest looking for things like the Windows Firewall and anti-virus settings, but I'm not so sure when to look for on Linux.

A couple of things might be worth doing to help diagnose this:

1. look in the log file to see if more details of the error are reported. Though I'm not sure the extra detail will help much.

2. Try connecting to the same DB using the database explorer contained in IJC.

This connects to the DB using JDBC in the same way that IJC does, but in a completely independent manner. I would expect the same problem to exist. This would confirm that it is a netwoking issue, and independent of IJC.


User e05b1833aa

01-03-2011 10:15:07


It turned out to be a network configuration problem,as you suggested.