Database security

User e05b1833aa

22-02-2011 06:05:46


Is it possible to adjust user permissions at data tree level, or only for en entire schema? I would like to be able to set edit right for some users on certain data trees within a schema, but not on the entire schema.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

22-02-2011 10:09:43

The user's roles are defined per schema. It is posible to specify further restrictions on a per-entity (table) or per-field (column) but these restrictions are not user specific.

It would not really be possible to do this on a per data tree level, as user could simply create new data tree that did not have the restrictions.

We do have a longer term plan to make access control finer grain, allowing access to individual items to be controlled on a per user basis. But this is not currently possible.


User 73927c3281

13-03-2012 12:51:37



I do have some problems with the security configuration. When I tried to change the security configuration to ‘Authentication
within the Instant JChem database’ I didn’t get asked for setting a
username nor a password. So after restart the database was locked and I do have
no username or password to get an access to the database. Is there any file
somewhere saved where I can get these access data from or do I have to create a
new unlocked database?



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

13-03-2012 13:54:52

if you have set Current policy to "Username/password using IJC database" try to login using username/password = admin/admin. You can change it by editting text of the template. Does it work?


User 73927c3281

14-03-2012 06:42:30

Hi Filip,


Ok thank you, I got back to my database by using admin/admin;-)

User 1b64124363

03-05-2012 11:48:31


I would like to hide some columns information for some users on certain table. Is it possible

suppose i have 5 fields

Structure  Cdid  MolWt  Name  Logp  Code

And i have created one user , now i want to hide code infromation from that user, means i want to make it invisible for user....plz tell how to make it visible.

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

03-05-2012 13:46:47

This is currently not possible. It is possible to hide certain rows by using SQL Filter extra attributes on Entity level but that does not work for columns.

User 321a071a64

03-05-2012 16:33:03

fzimandl wrote:

This is currently not possible. It is possible to hide certain rows by using SQL Filter extra attributes on Entity level but that does not work for columns.


just an idea (I haven't tried it and thorough database knowlege would be needed): in case of an
oracel or MySQL database,  a view, could be created (inside the database system), which contains the
allowed fields. The access rights for the
view and the original table would need to be set correctly.

However, I have never tried views with a structure table, only with "normal" tables. One big drawback is, that the view is read-only. In any case, several users need to be established in the (MySQL/oracel) database.

Best regards.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-05-2012 16:45:51

Views on structure tables are not possible. The one exception is a view on an Oracle table with a JChem cartridge index. Views of these can be used in IJC. Also non-structure tables.


User 0e345a0616

03-05-2012 17:33:00

Then how security comes in instant that is secure.........even we can't hide columns from users case of multiple users

ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-05-2012 06:43:51

This page, plus the links at the bottom, provide a description of security in IJC.