Printing Problems?

User a4960ab6cd

11-02-2011 15:58:43



I am having a problem printing the forms view that I have created.  First, the image printed on the paper is exceptionally small.  Second, the information in the boxes is not printing properly.  For instance, I have a box labeled "Date" with an entry "02-05-2011."  I can see all of the information in the box on the screen, but the printed copy prints "0....."  All of the text/information boxes are showing up like this (so the name Blass is showing up as Bl....).  What can I do to address this?  Thanks.

Benjamin E Blass


User 791c148e8a

15-02-2011 09:25:04

Hello Ben,

it is possible that there are some problems related to printing. Date formating in print output is one of them and we will try to fix them in the next update. Regarding small image: is it just one image or is the whole form scaled down? 

It would be great if you could send us an example of output that you receive when printing. One record printed to PDF can be enough to highlight problems. 

-Radim Kubacki

User a4960ab6cd

15-02-2011 13:49:02


I have attached a PDF file that shows what I am recieving when I try to print the forms view I am working from.  Sometimes, the form boxes are all overlapping, but most of the time Iget something like the attached document, which is not very useful.  The image on the screen looks fine in the forms view, but both the print preview and the final printed document look like the attachement.  Note the truncation of the items in the boxes.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.


Benjamin E Blass


User 791c148e8a

16-02-2011 15:29:14

The trimming of these values is definitely a bug and we will look for a proper fix.


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

10-10-2011 11:58:50

Our printing system is being continously improved and many bugs is fixed in current IJC (including ones mentioned above, which were fixed before - 5.5.0)