Controlling single-user/multi-user access in IJC

User e4183f4538

25-01-2011 19:25:10


I would like to know what is involved with IJC determining whether or not to offer the single-user/multi-user access, or if there is a way to force the mode. 

I am running IJC 5.4 (build: 101231) with Oracle 11g and cartridge. We've been up and running for quite a while without any problems, but some time in the past few days I stopped being offered the option of single-user or multi-user mode when logging into IJC. Even when no one else is logged on. I've tried resetting the Oracle database to kill any inactive or killed connections. Even then, with only the Oracle and SQLPLUS connections, my administrative user (with all roles and privileges) is not offered single or multi user mode. Clearly I've changed something recently that has had this effect, and I am hoping to find out more in the attempt to troubleshoot it. 

We launch via Java web start with a project URL and license URL, using single schema Oracle authentication with IJC roles to control table visibility. We have no problem doing the other IJC items, but I can't access single-user admin mode anymore.

Any insight is greatly appreciated! 


ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-01-2011 20:10:58

Single user mode is only offered if:

1. you have priviledges to perform modifications in single user mode
2. there is no other user connected
3. there is no "single user" lock present

If there is a problem here its probably because a user has quit IJC incorrectly (eg. after a crash etc.) and the DB still thinks the user is connected, and so can't connect you in single user mode. To investigate this:

1. look in the IJC_USER table and see if any user is still logged in (they have a non null value for the LOGIN_TIME column).

2. look in the IJC_ITEM_USER table and look for a row with a value of SCHEMA_EDITING_LOCK in the TYPE column. This signifiies that a user has a "single user" lock, and so prevents other users entering single user mode. If this is the case delete this row.


User e4183f4538

25-01-2011 20:16:18

Fantastic! That was the problem: IJC_USER still had a crashed user recorded. Back to normal now.

Very useful information - thanks very much Tim!