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User e05b1833aa

25-01-2011 18:37:22

Hi Tim,

A conceptual question I've meant to ask for a while. New detail tables can be added by right-clicking on a data tree in the schema editor. However, by creating tables this way no Grid view is created for the new table, as opposed to when creating the table in the Projects tab on the left (which I tend to do).

I guess the attractiveness of using the  'New detail table...' method is that the project tab doesn't get clobbered with all data trees. However, I find having access to the grid view for each tree also very convenient (for some tables that is really all one needs).

Maybe I've missed something obvious. What is the preferred way to build up the hierachical trees? Would it be usefull if one could create default grid views for a data tree of choice, not only of the top tree but also of 'lower branches' when using the 'New detail table...' method in the schema editor?



ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-01-2011 20:19:21

The 'New detail table' function is really a simplified version of what can be done in the schema editor. If provides a simple way to add a detail table that contains only the most commonly used options. You can also do this "long hand" in the schema editor: 
1. create new entity
2. create relationship
3. add edge to data tree
Doing it this way give you more control, but is more laborious.

If you want to see a grid view then you must have a data tree for that entity. Views (e.g. grid or form views) can only belong to the data tree. So to see a grid view you must have the data tree present in your project. You cannot have a grid view for a entity that is only present as a child element of a data tree.

You can of course create a data tree for an entity that doesn't already have one, and you can create a new grid view for a data tree, so you should always be able to get to where you want, its just that there are multiple ways of getting there!