optimal backup method

User de28439ce2

18-01-2011 14:37:00

Hi everybody,

I would like to ask what is, to your opinion, the best way to keep a periodical backup of your database (in local mode) since there is no "save" command for the whole filesystem created by IJChem.

Many thanks,


ChemAxon fa971619eb

18-01-2011 14:53:03

For a local database the simplest approach to creating a back up is to:

1. disconnect from IJC

2. find the project directory on your disk (probably in My Docuements\IJC Projects)

3. zip up the project directory and all its contents (e..g using winzip or alternative tool)

4. copy the zip file to a safe location for archive purposes

This works because for local databases the entired contents of the local database are contained within the project directory. To restore the backup just unzip the zip file and open the project.