Invalid vs unlicensed Chemical Terms

User e05b1833aa

14-01-2011 08:11:31


After upgrading IJC to 5.4 a number of previously working Chemical Terms are now marked as 'invalid'. Some researching learned me that they are in fact valid but now suddenly require a Plugin. For example, boundCount now requires the Geometry plugin, but atomCount is free.

it would have been nice to have maitained the pre-5.4 behaviour where there was a clear separation in error messages for truly invalid chemical terms versus terms requiring a plugin license. I have some very long and complicated chemical term filters, and now I need to figure out whether an error is due to invalid smarts code or lack of plugins.

upgrading of some databases with chemical terms that now require a plugin result in empty values for these terms after table regeneration. And since I don't have the plugins, I can't recreate them...

ChemAxon fa971619eb

14-01-2011 15:04:02

Hi Evert,

we are looking into this. Could you send me your license file so that we can check things with your exact set up.

Send it privately to tdudgeon_at_chemaxon_._com