Additional license for plotting?

User e05b1833aa

05-01-2011 09:26:27


I played a bit with the plotting functionality in 5.4 beta and soon ran into the limitation of being able to plot more than 350 objects without a license being required (I have an IJC license). Are you planning to add this funtionality as a plug-in for which a separate license is required? I surely hope not...

ChemAxon fa971619eb

05-01-2011 11:22:58

The visualisation features in IJC 5.4 require an additional 'IJC Viz' license.
This license is required for all conditional formatting and charting functionality.
You should contact ChemAxon sales for more information.


User 596f3ef229

28-01-2011 01:09:11

I must I am also disappointed by the decision to split this new functionality into a separate license. We only just renewed our IJC Enterprise annual maintenance late last year at significant cost (25% of original purchase and not the first such renewal) to now discover that a realtively minor new feature is under a new license.

I was under the impression that our maintenance payment covered software updates, but I fully expect to be told that these new features are not covered. I will ask sales to clarify if we qualify for a "viz" license, but I'm not optimistic. Please reconsider this position - I mean a separate license to plot or color data already in the database seems a little mean-spirited to me.

User 596f3ef229

28-01-2011 14:08:01

Chemaxon sales have confirmed that our annual maintenance for IJC Enterprise does NOT cover IJC Viz - or presumably any other new features deemed to be not core in the future (even though many other new features have been included in v5.4 and previous versions as well).

Given that IJC Viz is not a standalone product, this seems to be somewhat arbitrary in my opinion. We pay a maintenance agreement to receive updates but some (not all) new features can simply be labeled as "new products" - even though they operate solely within the framework of the application covered by the maintenance.

I don't even particularly care about the specific features offered by IJC Viz. I am wondering how this policy will affect future IJC updates.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

29-01-2011 18:08:52

Please raise these types of questions with your sales contact, not in this forum, which is for technical issues.

But in summary, the visualisation features are a new module because it contains significant new functionality in a new area that IJC did not cover at all before. We prefer this approach rather than increasing the base price and including functionality that some users may not need. The core IJC and IJC Viz will continue to be developed (e.g. significant new features were added to core IJC in 5.4), and there could potentailly be other new licensed modules in the future when new areas of functionality are added.