Creating new fields as functions of other fields

User b3ac580055

03-01-2011 09:55:54


I've looked for this topic throughout this forum, but couldn't fund it elsewhere.

I'm looking for a simple way of creating a new field column, whose values could be generated by text or aritmethical operations over exhisting fields.

For example, I wish to create a new text field to replicate the values in another text field or to create a new field to logarithmize another numerical field.

Could someone be so kind to explain me how to do it (if it is at all possible)?



ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-01-2011 10:01:30

This is not possible with IJC 5.3.8, but has been added to IJC 5.4 which will be released very soon.

You can find documentation that describes the feature here:


User b3ac580055

03-01-2011 11:41:03

Thank you for your quick answer.

I'll be looking forwards to try it out.