How to find error reports

ChemAxon fa971619eb

30-11-2010 16:31:31

A user asked:

I encountered an error in IJC, but didn't record the details. Is there any way I can find information about the error so that I can report it?

The answer is yes, and please do so. Without the detailed information it is sometimes impossible to track down a problem.

Information about errors will be writen to the log files. Each time IJC starts a new log file is created, but older ones are kept so you might need to look in those. The log files can be found in the var/log directory within your IJC userdir. You can find the location of your userdir in the information reported by Help->About Instant JChem.

messages.log is your latest log file. messages.log.1 then next most recent etc.

Once you've found the appropriate log file then send it to us along with a description of what you did so that we can assess the problem.