User c29d691f4a

03-11-2010 15:36:26


  I would like to search for the percentage sign, %, in a text field.  Is there an escape character I can use to disable the symbol's wildcard properties?



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ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-11-2010 16:19:16

It seems that this is not possible at present.

SQL does provide such a mechanism by specifying an escape character using a syntax like this:

SELECT name FROM emp WHERE id LIKE '%/_%' ESCAPE '/';

But IJC does not provide a way to specify the escape character.

Hoewever if you are uisng a MySQL database it seems that you are lucky as the backslash character is provided as the default escape character, so to find a value like 37% in a text field you can enter the term like this:


But if you are using a Derby local database or an Oracle database then you are out of luck.