Export Functionality

User fa00820ded

17-08-2010 10:09:42

Are there any plans to improve on the export functionality in Instant Jchem?  I am a Medicinal Chemist and regular user of a Shared IJC hierarchical database (version 5.3.1) used on a project at Evotec and frequently need to export datasets from a large number of Chemistry and Biology fields in the database.  The problem is that I do not want to export all of the fields (there are hundreds of these), just cherry pick a subset of about 20 or 30, so I have to repeat the same time consuming process each time I need to do an export (the fields for the exporting are commonly the same set).  What we need is an export profile so that the chosen fields can be loaded prior to export  or some other way of IJC remembering the fields selected for the previous export for that user. Other scientists using IJC project databases at Evotec have the same issues and I think this an important although simple user friendly feature which will improve acceptance of IJC and help it become the preferred choice to replace other database applications such as Isis Base where this feature has always been available.  

ChemAxon fa971619eb

18-08-2010 05:44:54

Yes, we do plan to comtinue to improve the export functionality, and this is one of the improvements we expect to make. As of now we can't provide a specific timescale for this particular feature, but your request has been noted, and we'll try to get it done as soon as we can.