JVM Creation failed

User c92fc0bce4

11-08-2010 15:43:19


I am running the web start version of IJC on a Windows 7 PC running JAVA 6 version that is current.  I have a large database I was searching by substructure and I was reminded to increase my memory allocation.  I did this in the Startup settings as usual.  On restart of IJC, I get an error message after the JAVA 6... screen, indicating "JVM creation failed".  I have reinstalled both Java and the web start version of IJC and restarts of the PC.  Did I allocate too much memory at startup?  I set if for 2000 and I have 3000 available in RAM.  How can I fix this?

User 052e705023

12-08-2010 15:42:18

I tried to reproduce it (successfully) and I was able to revert it by changing value (from -J-Xmx2000m to -J-Xmx200m) in this config file (the path will be different on your PC): c:\Users\martin\.instantjchem\ws_installation_www.chemaxon.com_stable\etc\instantjchem.conf 

It seems like a limitation of 32bit JVM. You can try some other sizes, I used 200m just as example.

User c92fc0bce4

18-08-2010 22:01:55

Thank you.  As an FYI,  I was able to go as high as 1300m for the value of -J-Xmx. 
This was true for a 32 bit machine Win7 OS, 3GB Ram, and a 64bit machine
running Win7 OS, 4GB RAM.