can't connect to the oracle database

User a99e692253

07-07-2010 18:56:35

start to use Instant Jchem, but can not connect to the existing oracle database, the behavior was very strange.

Click File -> Connect to Schema, then chose oracle, and type the db conncetion string and username/password, but in the next page, "Pick up schema", the schema showed was from another database. I repeated several times, the db connection string is pointing to a dev database, but the schema showed is "production database name - schema name". Very confused, and dare not to continue.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

07-07-2010 19:19:21

Hi Qiner, good to talk again!

The name that is presented is the one that was specified when the IJC schema was first created. Maybe the name "production database name - schema name" was specified when the IJC schema was first created, even though it is a DEV database? It you want to double check this look at the IJC_SCHEMA table in the DEV database and look for the row in that table that defines the IJC schema:


The value(s) returned are the XML that defines the IJC schema that you see in the UI. Look for the 'name' attribute.

Just to be clear, there are 2 options for creating a connection to a DB in IJC:

1. New Schema
- creates a new "IJC schema" where none was previously presnet

2. Connect to schema
- connect to an "IJC schema" that someone else has alrady created using "New Schema"

But it seems that you are using the correct one!


User a99e692253

07-07-2010 22:53:44

Hi, Tim:

thanks very much for the instruction and clarification. You're right, I am able to find
the schema name from the IJC_SCHEMA table, certainly someone has
already created this schema. I changed its name to reflect the dev
database. Certainly, I was confused the IJC schema with Oracle schema. I
though I was connectnig to an Oracle schema, actually not.