Structure printing problem from Form View

User d6d3b4c85b

30-06-2010 12:33:57


Hi, I have a problem with printing from Form View:

I am working with a combinatorial database of 2 fragment databases (in the form of related databases).

In the form view I have 3 structure windows: a structure of the combined (linked) fragments, and a structure of each of the corresponding 2 individual fragments.

On screen, this works perfectly but when I want to print the form, only the structure of the combined fragment is printed (in all 3 structure windows). Thanks a lot for your help to resolve this bug(?)...


ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

30-06-2010 19:12:21

Thanks for reporting this bug. Yes, printing of molecule structure doesn't work for detail table now. We will investigate what's wrong and try to to fix it in next release. If you want to print structure in detail table you can use Table widget. height of row can be changed either by draging edge or by using Zoom scrollbar in table settings popup. The table settings popup is shown after clicking to "..." button on left side of table header in browse mode.


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

11-10-2011 19:47:51

This bug is now fixed in freshly released IJC Let us know if you still have troubles to print something.