error when connecting to a local scheme

User 3d1c796951

28-06-2010 15:31:13


I have a local database which used to open by itself when launching Instant JChem. After installing some add-ons in IJC, I cannot connect to the database any more. I get the error in the attached file.

Would someone know how to restore the access to that database? Otherwise I have lost all my data...

Thank you very much in advance.

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ChemAxon fa971619eb

28-06-2010 15:41:51

The answer is probably to remove the plugins you installed, or to do a clean re-install.

So that we can provide instructions for this could you describe what extra plugins you installed and what version of IJC you are using. Please use Help -> About Instant JChem and copy&paste the information to here.


User 3d1c796951

29-06-2010 09:22:54

Thanks, re-installing the latest version solved the problem!