How to consolidate projects created from sd file imports?

User c5ad5dc40e

14-04-2010 16:47:41

I am creating a large compound database with Instant JChem. I read in 18 large sd files which were individually loaded as separate projects. I want to make one large single project out of it. Is this possible? Thank you.

User 677b9c22ff

14-04-2010 23:32:47


export all of them as SDF, connect them using the console DOS/LINUX/MAC (copy *.*) and import the single file int Instant-JCHEM

Or use ChemAxon molconvert to do that:

molconvert sdf *.sdf > megathlon.sdf

Now import your combined DB into Instant-JCHEM.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

15-04-2010 07:46:35

Thanks, Tobias, that's basically the gist of it. What you presumably need to do is to import all the files into a single database table.

The original post mentioned that each file had been imported as a separate project. This is certainly not the way to do it. Even if the files could not be merged for some reason they could still be imported as separate tables within the same database within the same project. And if this approach was necessary they could still be searched using the Federated search feature (

But the best approach is probably to create a single table for all the data and then import each one into that table. The key to the is the "Import file into ..." function that can be found in the right click popup menu of the data tree in the projects window.

Of course the data in all your files will not necessarily contain the same data fields. You will need to decide which fields you want to import and which field names in one file correspond to which field names in the other files, and how you want this to be handled in the database. Probably the best approach is to create a new empty table containing the fields you wnat to see, and then as you import each file map the fields in the file to those in the database accordingly using the import wizard.