Can't add/change data anymore

User e05b1833aa

09-02-2010 15:24:56


I have a number of mySQL-based databases, and recently changed the security settings. For all databases there is a user with complete control (i.e. all roles assigned), as well as a few regular users (ROLE_USER). This has worked fine until today. Now suddenly it is no longer possible to add and change data and fields in just one of the databases (the other ones still work as before). When connecting, the choice of login mode (single user or multi user) does no longer come up. In addition, when logged in as the user with admin rights, the policy under the 'Configure security' cannot be edited (greyed out). I still can add new users though.

I upgraded the Java runtime environment to 1.6 (this was necessary for anothr program) and it is possible that the particular database was open under the time. Could this be the reason?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-02-2010 15:48:45

The single user mode option is only available if there are no other users already using the database (as you can never be "single user" if someone else is already connected).

So I suspect that what has happened is that there is already someone connected to the IJC database, or maybe they were connected and did not disconnect normally (e.g. as a result of a crash etc.).

You can see if there are any other users by using the Current users window.

And if you are an admin and they really are not using IJC then you can disconnect them using this window.

Hopefully this will fix the problem.