A Question about Searching

User 5aaf8c3cf3

04-02-2010 07:59:35


I want to create a list according to a series of MDL# or CAS# (about 50 NO rules number) from the database.

What can I do ?

PS: I dont know the IDs.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

04-02-2010 09:29:34

Lists that you create in IJC (e.g. those that are displayed in the lists and queries window) are currently only for lists of value for the ID field (we will soon be adding the abilty to manage lists from other fields as well).

If you have a set of compounds and want to generate a list of the values from other fields you best options is to export the results to a file (e.g. a CSV file) and specify the CAS# or MDL# as the field to export.

If you have a series of numbers that you want to find in your data then you can run a search for those numbers using a "IN LIST" operator for that field. Specify this operator and enter the values as a comma sepearated values. e.g. "abc, def, ghi".

Let me know if this helps.




User 5aaf8c3cf3

04-02-2010 13:16:25

tdudgeon wrote:



Thank you for your nice advice.