How do I add or link a jpg to a instant JChem database?

User b67bb3c2b4

26-01-2010 22:21:14

I heard that there were 2 ways being developed that link jpg to a location on a server, just not sure exactly how they play out in reality and whether they have been added to the current version of the software.

Any advice would be very helpful!


ChemAxon 7c2d26e5cf

26-01-2010 22:27:10

I have moved your post into the proper forum topic (InstantJChem).

ChemAxon fa971619eb

27-01-2010 09:49:57

Yes, this is posible with the current version of Instant JChem (3.0.4).

To do so you must:

1. create a dynamic URL field that defined the location of your JPEGs.

2. add a browser widget to your form to display the images found at those URLs. />



User b67bb3c2b4

27-01-2010 13:00:29

Is it possible to add a jpg from my desktop or computer folder rather than a website?

Also when I hover over the box in the form it previews the location address. Is there any way to preview the small picture so that I can see the data clearly?

Thanks so much for your help!

ChemAxon fa971619eb

27-01-2010 13:42:17

Yes, you can specify a local file using the file: protocol. For example you could specify something like this:

Previews are not possible, but you can disaply the image directly in the form view by using a browser widget to display it.



User 53d635137a

04-04-2016 13:23:43



instead linking a jpg using an absolute file path like" file:///C:/path/to/files/myjpg.jpg"

i would like to give a path relative to the project folder like "file:///<projectfolder>/mysubfolder/myjpg.jpg"

the intention is that if I give the project to someone else that the linked pictures are contained within a subfolder of the project folder and are transferred together with the project folder

is it possible to use such relative path`s?

ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

14-04-2016 07:20:41

Dear Martin,

if you need to have the images as part of the project for transferability and sharing, one possible solution would be to save the images as BLOB (binary large object) in the database directly. IJC does support this in a special field. 

Some useful information on how to export such images from the database, please see

Wishing all the best