IJC does not display data that I can see in Oracle

User 7400aef9ce

25-01-2010 20:13:51

I created two columns in IJC then populated them with data via Oracle (I wanted to do a few Column 1 = Column 2 / Column 3 calculations).  I can see the data for both columns via the Oracle tools, but IJC only displays the data from one of the two columns.  The other is completely blank.


Any ideas how I fix this?


Thanks in advance.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-01-2010 20:45:37

If the column is present in IJC as a field then it should show the correct data. If you have generated the data during an IJC session then you may need to refresh the data. Try one (or both of these):

1. Go to query mode and do a "Show All"

2. Use this menu item: Data -> Reload data

If neither of these work then try disconnecting and reconnecting from the database (or restarting IJC). If the data still doesn't show then its really not there!


User 7400aef9ce

25-01-2010 21:31:49


We used the Oracle console to set all null values to zero, and the data appeared (Nulls were allowed when I set the column up). 

I don't know what caused this behavior, but it has been resolved.


Thanks again.