Problems with viewing mulriple rows

User 5aaf8c3cf3

17-01-2010 05:44:19

Dear all,

I am using IJC 3.04.It looks really nice ,but I have a problem how to display a list with my need.

For example, I have a full database (10K Rows)with CdIDs,Strucuture,Mol Weight,Formula,etc.

I want to show a list according to different CdIDs(e.g CdID 1, 2,5,7,10,456...) at one time. How to do it ?




ChemAxon fa971619eb

17-01-2010 09:19:10

Probably the easiest way to do this is to create a list with those IDs. This will let you create a list of the IDs you want and then show just those IDs. Lists can be saved and reused at a later time.

See here for how to create and use lists: