Installation errors IJC on Vista

User 538416f930

09-12-2009 18:05:43

IJC (3.0) is not functioning after installation Windows Vista64 (version 2,x worked fine); probably the installation does not work properly.

After installing 3.00 I cannot create or open projects, after updating to 3.04 I am getting an error hat various modules could be installed (attached).

I removed entries from users/chemaxon, there is no other user-specific IJC directory.

Using the platform independent release gives the same problems. Runnig out of ideas, can you help.




ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

09-12-2009 18:19:26

It looks like problem with Vista virtual folder. Can you try to install Instant JChem to different folder than to "c:\Program Files\..." (e.g. :c:\applications\instantjchem") .  Let me know if it helped.


User 538416f930

09-12-2009 18:27:35

Thank you. I did to c:\chemaxon; it's the same result. My other chemaxon tools components are also there. Also when changing to my Jaca, I am getting the same problem.

Anything else I can try? Windows is really frustrating. Thanks for your help.

ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

10-12-2009 10:23:13

Please try to clear ijc userdir. Default userdir is in folder:

C:\Users\"Your user name"\AppData\Roaming\.instantjchem\ijc_3_0

You can also try to change the userdir by executing instant jchem with parameter

--userdir c:\newuserdir 

instantjchem.exe file is available in ${ijc_installation_forlder}/bin/    folder

If it doesn't help please send me the ijc log file. The log file is available in ijc userdir:


User 538416f930

10-12-2009 21:15:05

Thank you - this works - didn't know the Roaming\.instantjchem directory. Seems the uninstaller leaves it untouched.

Thanks again,


User 180e9fcb04

17-02-2010 18:27:09


I have downloaded the latest Instant JChem.  On 2 XP machines, it installs normally.  On a Vista machine, the installation does not start after pressing Next on the "Information" window.  It freezes on the "Installation" window at the "preparing to install" stage.  A text document called "error.log" then creates itself in the installation folder - I wanted to attach it here, but the log extension is not allowed...  Please let me know if it's okay to clutter a post with the contents of the error log, as it is very long. 

As this program requires A LOT of CPU power, I want to run it on this newer computer (it's impossible to run it on the XP machines, it just freezes for 30 minutes at a time every time I click on something). 

I really appreciate any suggestions!


ChemAxon fa971619eb

18-02-2010 13:52:14

On the installer issue, yes can we see the log file please. (attach it to your post rather than include it in-line - change the extension name to txt).

On the performance issue, can you explain a bit more of what you are doing and what is slow. Are you handling very large databases? What exactly is slow?



User 180e9fcb04

19-02-2010 18:07:07

Hi Tim,

Thanks for writing back.  Here is the txt error file.

About performance, it is slow from the moment I open the program.  I am building a database that I have managed to add only 5 items to so far over several days (only the structure and formula/weight in the grid view).  Each button I press, such as "Grid view", "add new row", "save", selecting a tool in the editor, etc. takes a minimum of 1 minute for a response.  Usually though, the progam just shows "Not Responding" and freezes for many minutes.  Using any other programs at the same time is completely impossible.

Is the program just too complex for my computer?

Thank you,


ChemAxon fa971619eb

19-02-2010 18:42:46

Thanks for the error log. We will investigate.

The performance issues you describe are very unsual. IJC does not need any super hardware for normal use and should not show any of the symptoms you describe. Only if you are handling very large databases (miilions of structures) should you begin to change things like memory settings

Could you copy the contents of the help -> About Instant JChem window and paste them to this forum topic. This might help us diagnose the problem better.



ChemAxon 7c2d26e5cf

02-03-2010 17:13:16

Dear Barbara,

Thanks for sharing the log file.

Which Java version do you use on that Vista machine where you had problem with IJC installation?

Is it a 64bit Java version?

The error log indicates that the installer could not display certain GUI component.

It may be a platform specific Java bug. I assume that 64bit Java does not  implement properly GUI components under Vista. Can you confirm that you use 64bit Java version?

If yes, please try IJC with a 32 bit version Java.

ChemAxon d7323a7c96

29-03-2010 09:09:20

Loading modules lasts 15-20 minutes on the following computer:

Windows 7 Ultimate, 4 GB RAM, 64-bit OS, Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 2,8 Ghz, 32-bit Java