List printing

User f006038a17

09-12-2009 14:02:35


Starting from a list, I cannot print any grid view or any form view. The following error message appeared:

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 250, Size: 4
 at java.util.ArrayList.RangeCheck(Unknown Source)
 at java.util.ArrayList.get(Unknown Source)
 at org.openide.util.WeakListenerImpl$PropertyChange.propertyChange(
 at java.beans.PropertyChangeSupport.firePropertyChange(Unknown Source)
 at java.beans.PropertyChangeSupport.firePropertyChange(Unknown Source)
 at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$
[catch] at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$

It works with the full database, but not with the lists.


Could you fix it.


Thank you



ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-12-2009 14:25:55

Thanks for the bug report.

We will investigate this and fix.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-02-2010 17:48:00

This issue should be fixed in the next IJC version.