Chemical Terms Fiel axxPol, ayyPol

User 502b35756d

11-11-2009 13:15:48

When I add chemical Terms Fields with axxPol(), respectively ayyPol() or azzPol() they all yield the same value as avgPol()

However opening the structur in the Edit Mode and using Tools -> Charge -> Polarizability (Take 3D geometry) gives correct values for a(xx), a(yy), ...

Do I have to add any Parameter to axxPol()?

ChemAxon 2136dd2f4b

11-11-2009 20:54:34



It must be a bug in the "chemical terms" module. We check it and inform you asap.



User 502b35756d

12-11-2009 10:32:11


ChemAxon e08c317633

16-11-2009 21:36:04

Fixed. Fix will be available in Marvin 5.3.