Global font settings...

User 2ddf1d2229

29-10-2009 13:58:05

...Is it possible to apply a global font setting, e.g. Arial 10pt, for text in all columns & column headers in IJC? I couldn't see an option in Preferences anywhere...



ChemAxon fa971619eb

29-10-2009 16:10:00

No, this is not possible.

Potentially we could provide a default font setting that users could change. But would a single font setting be sufficient, as different settings might be wanted for data display, column headings, widget labels etc.?

Do you think it would be better to have a single setting, or a setting for each occurance?


User 2ddf1d2229

29-10-2009 16:20:31 depends on each user, I suppose, but personally I would prefer a single global setting...