Display issue in IJC forms

User da00f5c453

28-10-2009 22:43:41

Hi all,

I am building a IJC form for an existing Oracle properties table where some properties are defined as INTEGER and others as NUMBER(22,4) I can get the integer properties to display properly in the widgets (single line text field) on IJC form however the properties defined as NUMBER(22,4) do not display the fractional part of the value, I looked in the widget customization window and hte float rendering option is not available only integer renderer is present. Is there any workaround for this issue?



ChemAxon e189db4705

28-10-2009 23:23:03

It is possible that the database columns NUMBER(22,4) are not created in Instant JChem as Float, but as Integer. Move mouse to column header in Gridview and wait for tooltip. It should tell you what is the type of that field. If there is "Integer field" then you need to recreate the field again.

There are more ways to do this, one example is here. (it's playing in loop). Basically it means to delete the Integer field (but NOT delete DB column!) and then promote the column again to a Float field.

User da00f5c453

28-10-2009 23:28:27



It was my mistake, when I promoted the table to entity default was integer even the real value was a float, I droped the entity and recreated selecting decimal number for NUMBER(22,4) field, now I can see the fractional part. Thank you again!



ChemAxon e189db4705

28-10-2009 23:38:50

I think we should have more clever default value when decimal column is promoted. First option should be Float field and not Integer. We will fix this.



User 47a3226b01

21-04-2010 15:11:09


Was this issue ever re-visited and corrected. I also made the rash assumtion that a real value will be promoted as real but it appears not to be the case.

In my case the value of logP is defined as number(10,3) in Oracle, In the view tab I see it as Number(10,3) but when promoting I used the default, which turned out to be just NUMBER, as shown in the Entity tab.

I have fixed the problem by deleting and re-promoting the field but it would be nice to have the definition promoted as it is defined.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

21-04-2010 15:19:28

We have this on our task list, but it is not done yet. You will still need to set the field types explicity where the default choice is not correct.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

12-01-2011 11:34:23

This has now been improved in IJC 5.4. Columns with types of NUMBER(10,0) should now be promoted as integer fields, while those of NUMBER(10,1) should be decimal numbers by default.