Problem with Oracle driver node

User 1112c70693

25-09-2009 23:14:09

My Oracle 9 or 10 driver node in Instant JChem is displaying as "uninstalled". Apparently (from the help documentation) I need to verify whether this JAR file for the driver is correctly listed in hte IDE's class path. Where do I find the class path? Also please provide me with a listing of what the correct classpath should look like for the Oracle JDBC driver. This installation is on Windows 2003 server running Oracle and Instant JChem Version 2.5.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

26-09-2009 07:04:52

Thre is a misconfiguration of the JDBC drivers in the database explorer and we have fixed this for the upcoming 3.0 release.

But please note that the database explorer is an independent module that is included in IJC but is not an integral part of it. It can be useful if you want to directly conenct to the database, but it does not impact on IJC's ability to work with the database in any way.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

26-09-2009 07:57:00

The Oracle JDBC driver you are mentioning is contained in the Database Explorer in the Services tab. As I mentioned in previous post, this is not needed for connecting IJC to a database. It is only provided so that you can obtain a direct connection to the database should you need to perform operations directly using SQL.

If you are wanting to connect to Oracle from within IJC you should not use the database explorer (you can close the services tab completely). There is no need to look for the JDBC drivers - they are already provided in IJC.

Instead try doing this:

1. Create a project if you don't already have one (File -> New Project)

2. Create the "IJC Schema" in Oracle by using File -> New Schema. A wizard will open that takes you through the process. This is described in detail here: />Note: this only has to be done once - you are creating the tables and information that IJC needs in the database.

3. To connect to this database that you have created (e.g. from a different IJC instance) use File -> Connect to Schema. This is described in detail here:

4. If you are wanting to set up multiple users and security see the documentation here: />and the related pages at the bottom of that page.





ChemAxon fa971619eb

01-10-2009 15:15:14

The problem with the configuration of the database drivers in the database explorer is now fixed in the IJC 3.0 release.