trouble opening instant jchem

User 5a88369158

13-09-2009 04:15:48

I am using the following version of Instant Jchem

# Version info of Instant JChem


I have this installed on a Windows Vista x64 based machine. After the installation is complete, I click on the ijc.exe file to run Instant Jchem and nothing happens. I restarted the computer but that didnt fix the problem. I also reinstalled it and the problem persists. Any idea of what I can do to open the application?


Thank you

ChemAxon e189db4705

14-09-2009 14:09:18

It looks like a Vista specific problem. A few ideas what can help:

1. Could you please go to Instant JChem directory and run executable directly:
It's typically located under:
C:\Program Files\ChemAxon\InstantJChem\bin\
and run this: instantjchem_w.exe
It opens the console and you can see possible errors there.

2. Also there can be error.log located in the same directory. Could you please send us its content if this file exists?

3. Other possible problem can be in ChemAxon\InstantJChem\etc\instantjchem.conf ... for example if jdkhome is not properly set?

4. Vista creates a "virtual directories" if user is not admin and is updating the software. In this case you would probably see some error message so it's not very likely it's this problem. Anyway, have you installed any older versions of Instant Jchem 3.4.x or older? This directory is usually located at
c:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Chemaxon\Instanjchem
Does this directory exist and contain any files?

thank you for any additional information.

User 5a88369158

14-09-2009 19:30:05



After going through your reply to my post I double checked if I was signed in as the administrator. I am signed in as the administrator but with Vista, I have to right click and select run as Administrator. Once I did that, it worked. Thank you


Yash Gandhi