Loading data from one file into more than one table

User 7b0ee04e66

04-08-2009 11:18:03


We are trying to load data from one SD or CSV file into more than one table, e.g. Batch and Sample data.

It is possible to map the fields to load into multiple tables ?

If we are loading the same data every week, could these settings be saved the first time and re-used later ?



ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

04-08-2009 15:33:51

Import from RDF file allows to store data to multiple tables. A SD or a CSV file represents a single table.  It's not clear what for you want to import a single file to multiple table. Can you explain your use case more detaily. There is possible to import two files to two tables and create relations between them.

No, the import settings cannot be saved before import is executed. Possible solution is to use columns with the same names like in sd file. The file can be then imported to already existing table.