manual for instant jchem in pdf

User 1e52d678cc

15-07-2009 07:27:58

Dear all,


In our research group (bioorganic synthesis, Leiden University) we want to start up a library of our synthesized compounds (final products and in between products).

Input structure compound, id number, lab journal number, synthetic references, and in the future biological results, etc.


For that reason I want to use Instant JChem 2.5.2. I have downloaded the freeware from the site.

However it is the first time I work with a database. To get more knowledge about the program I want to have a manual.

To work with the html version in the program I find rather laborious, can someone sent me a pdf version of the html “help content”.


 Best regards




ChemAxon fa971619eb

15-07-2009 14:48:50

I'm afraid we only currently have documentation in HTML format.

We are in the process of changing the system we use for documentation, which will allow PDF to be generated. But for now the HTML docs is the only version that we have.