Merge Column / Replace All

User e59cb00a69

08-07-2009 18:27:31

I am currently in the process of standardizing multiple SDF files in preperation for their merging and I have the following two questions:

1) I have one column which contains a standard text value of the form "A02", while two of the SDF files contain this information in seperate columns, "A" and "2". Is there any way I can merge these two columns and their data?

2) One field contains unnecessary information leading up to important values. Is there any way I can remove this information without doing so manually? Such as exporting this information into excel/word and using the "replace all with" function... I'll try this for now.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

08-07-2009 18:49:53

There is no direct way to currently do this in Instant JChem, but once the data is in a database these operations are pretty simple to do at the database level.

For instance, to append two columns that you have imported, create a new column and then fill it with the joined values from the other columns. Syntax would be something like this (syntax is for MySQL, oracle or derby would differ slightly):

update table_name set new_column = concat(col1, col2)

If you had already created the field and column in IJC that is all you would need to do. Otherwise you would need to "promote" the new column to a field so that it can be used in IJC.

But I think this is an important thing to be able to do directly in IJC, so we'll add it to the todo list.