Hydrogens in Excel export

User e05b1833aa

30-06-2009 09:20:37

Hi, I have a table with hydrogen-suppressed structures (only visible on heteroatoms). If I export them to (regular) Excel format, I get explicit hydrogens on all atoms. Is there a setting somewhere where I can switch this off?

ChemAxon e189db4705

30-06-2009 18:17:09

Currently this is not supported. The "raw" database values are exported and form/gridview visualization settings are not used.

Basically the problem is that there could be ambiguousness what display settings should be used for export. Some fields can be displayed by two or more widgets (even different types) with different formatting, etc.

There are two possibilities how to improve this:

1. we can use currently opened form/gridview and use its display settings. We would need to resolve how to export data which are not displayed at all OR are displayed by more different ways. For example in attached form screenshot it's not clear how structure and boolean fields should be exported.

2. We can add some additional option for formatting into export wizard

We will investigate these options more and will let you know.