Overlap analysis problem

User e05b1833aa

09-06-2009 06:23:17


I performed an overlap analysis between 2 databases (IJC version 2.5.1), the query being a local database and the target a mySQL-based one (both on Linux). I requested the Cdid's of the target database to be added as a new field in the query database. This did happen, but the field type is specified as 'tt' (varchar(4000)) which doesn't allow me to sort it properly. Since the Cdid's generated by IJC always are integers, why isn't this field type just copied as well? Is there a way to convert field types on existing columns?



ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-06-2009 07:25:01

A text column is used as there can be multiple values reported, and this cannot be done using a standard integer column. For instance if your target table contains duplicates, or if you are running a similarity search then you would expect some entries to have multiple hits.

If you are abolutely sure that in your case you only have a single hit in each case then you can try converting the text column to an integer column after it is created. Right click on column header in grid view, or on the field in the schema editor and choose 'Convert type'.