need tutorials about Instant JChem

User 98752d2ee0

19-05-2009 05:19:40

I want to know how we can build a stucture database step by step with Instant JChem. For Example, the Pubchem Demo. Thank you for your help.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

19-05-2009 09:05:36

The basic process might be something like this:

1. Create a project for your data (or use an existing one)

Create or connect to your database if you are using a networked (MySQL
or Oracle) database, or use a local database (probably already present
in your project)

3. Connect to the database

4. import a SD file

5. View it intiially using the grid view that is created for you.

6. Create a form view to use as a custom report.



There are various guides you might find useful.

The quickstart guide in the user guide:

Feature animations:
File import: />Creating forms:

See here for a full list of animations (some are a bit out of date, but still useful):







User 98752d2ee0

20-05-2009 00:00:46

Thank you for you help!