Decimal separator for number fields

User e05b1833aa

14-04-2009 06:58:50

Hi, IJC shows commas as decimal separators for number fields, although I have dots specified under my Regional Settings in Vista (Excel uses dots). Can this be specified separately in IJC?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

14-04-2009 07:39:36

Thanks for this report.

It does no look like this can be currently specified.

We will investigate.



User e05b1833aa

14-04-2009 08:04:22

Thanks. On Linux (Centos 5.2) the dot is being used, so it may be a Vista-specific problem.

User e05b1833aa

16-04-2009 06:21:01


It looks like the Regional Settings affect Java differently: I had swedish setttings with manually set decimal point. This causes the desired behaviour in Excel,  but not in Java-based programs as it seems. The date format is also incompatible, due to different spellings of the months (I noticed this when pasting dates into IJC, and some where rejected). When I change the regional settings to English, IJC behaves as it should, with decimal points and correct date formats.


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

11-10-2011 09:31:45

Hi Evert,

there is a fix included in IJC 5.6.0(strongly recommendation of using curret version instead). Numbers are formatted according to locale decimal point settings and accept input this way.

Please inform us, if there is still a problem.